Sanofi Aventis Pakistan Limited

Pharma Associate

Karachi, Pakistan.
negotiable Expires in 6 days



Sanofi-Aventis Pakistan Limited are looking for Pharma Associate for Karachi.

Priority 01. Achieve and Exceeds assigned Sales Targets of 2019


100 % Target achievement value wise & unit wise for 2019

Aprovel Family

Amaryl Family

Panther Team

Tritace Family

Cordarone Family

Plavix Family

Clexane Family

Leopard Team

Total cardio

KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

Achieve/Exceed total sales Monthly/Quarterly and yearly unit wise & value for 2018 on retail and total sales  above then market growth. Sales Force Excellence,


Monitoring of SFKPIs on weekly and monthly basis

Improve in chamber performance of Team by improving their qualitative aspects.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

Drs coverage 90 %

Calls Per Day Leopard Team 10/Day Panther Team 10/Day

Right Frequency 90 %

DM Coaching Time 70%

Quiz results 80%

Sales certification results 12%

Milestones Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly 2019.

Priority 02. Business Excellence


Implementation of Marketing Strategies and execution of marketing activities by developing sales strategy in cost effective way.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators


  • Activities should be planned and executed as per cycle plan
  • Utilize resources optimally and in a cost effective way.
  • Marketing activity plan along with EMS should submit till 25th of every month.
  • EMS should be closed right after activity within 24 hours no expense will be approved without proper closing of EMS.

Milestones Monthly/Quarterly.2019

KOLs Development and Management.


TO develop and manage KOLs with an objective of promoting Sanofi products scientifically and ethically focused on Patient’s Needs.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

  • Each DM/PA will select 30 KOLs & will develop them as speaker/advocate/chairperson
  • Proper tracking of KOLs to be prepared by each DM/ PA.
  • Scientific activities will be planned and services of KOLs will be utilized in these activities.

Milestones For 2019

Priority 03 Leadership and People Development


Coaching ,training and development plans for field force.

Review of BR-Package.

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

  • Development plan of each team member should be developed and implemented.
  • Turn over should be less than 15%.
  • On the Job coaching for every team member during accompanied calls eSLP should be filled right after field work and submit within 24 hours of working.
  • In every weekly meeting DM will conduct scientific session.
  • Ensure religious implementation of P & R during priority settings, mid-year performance appraisal review to ensure yearly achievement of objectives of the individual.
  • Ensure BR-Package review with each team members on Monthly Basis one to one or via Lync & develop concrete action plan for each DM and his Team.
  • Implementation of LEAD competency model.
  • All PAs should achieve/Exceed total target Monthly/Quarterly and yearly unit wise & value for 2018 on retail and total sales

Milestones Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly basis in 2019

Priority 04. Implementation of Sanofi Processes e.g. code of ethics and values ( Innovation,Respect,Confidence,Solidarity & Integrity)

  • Description
  • Practical demonstration of Sanofi Values

KPI – Key Performance Indicators

  • Ensure the awareness and implementation of code of ethics within the team by validating it on regular basis.
  • 100% implementation of ethical Practices by all Team members.
  • Zero tolerance on any unethical practice.
  • EMS should be raised till 25th of every month and activities should be done as per approved EMS and EMS should be closed within 24 hours of activity and expense will be approved only if EMS is closed.
  • eSLP should be filled right after field work and submit within 24 hours of working.
  • All the processes of Sanofi should be implemented in its true spirit.

Milestones Day to day practice in 2019

At Sanofi diversity and inclusion is foundation to how we operate and embedded in our Core Values. We recognize to truly tap into the richness diversity brings we must lead with inclusion and have a workplace where those differences can thrive and be leveraged to empower the lives of our colleagues, patients and customers. We respect and celebrate the diversity of our people, their backgrounds and experiences and provide equal opportunity for all.